30 Years of

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About Evashi

Our story

30 years of scientific research has resulted in a cream that replenishes your skin cells’ protective coats.  EVASHI cream captures essential nutrients and growth factors close to your skin cells – creating hydrated, smooth and glowing skin.  Over time, all skin layers regenerate, bringing back that youthful skin firmness, texture and health.

Why Evashi?

Application of EVASHI cream to your skin will immediately hydrate your skin and lasst all day – no need to reapply during the day, even in our dry and cold Canadian winters!  Use of Evashi cream for several months will result in a noticeable smoothing of your skin with a creaminess most often associated with English porcelain complexions. 

The Science Behind Evashi

If you still aren't convinced that Evashi's hand poured, ethical, Canadian made products are supior to our competitors; continue reading to learn about our 30-year science-backed research.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the human body and plays a critical role in skin health.  Particularly high levels of hyaluronic acid are found in youthful skin, where it not only maintains skin moisture and prevents wrinkles, but also provides protection against free radical damage to cells from reactive oxygen species.  In addition, hyaluronic acid provides healthful effects for both collagen-producing cells and stem cells, thereby promoting immune functions of skin.


At the pH of skin, hyaluronic acid is the most highly charged molecule in the body, thus attracting and surrounding itself with large amounts of water to neutralize this charge. This space filling, moisturizing function is not only the basis of the youthful, healthy appearance of skin, but also the reason that cross-linked hyaluronan is injected as a face filler by dermatologists.

With maturity, as we age, our skin loses its water retaining ability because hyaluronic acid is both depleted from the skin and complexed with proteins. Consequently, in order to foster healthier, youthful skin, dermatologists and anti-aging professionals strive to restore the hyaluronic acid found in young skin.

The Miracle Discovery

In a major breakthrough, scientists at Lawson Health Sciences and Western University developed a method which allows hyaluronic acid to cross the skin in large amounts when EVASHI cream is applied topically.  They added a lipid tail to hyaluronic acid by using naturally occurring lipids made from plant cells, which are identical to those made by our skin cells.




A hydrophyllic skin polysaccharide purified from bacteria.  It acts to hydrate skin, to stimulate dendritic cells and promote keratinocyte function.  


A hydrophobic phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) polymer isolated from sunflowers.  it transports hyaluronic acid across the skin and anchors it onto the outside of cells as a coat.


Hyaluronic Acid &

Hyaluronic acid linked to PE anchored onto the outside of cells forms a coat that protects, hydrates and prevents free radical damage.  It activates signalling for keratinocyte renewal.

The Break Through Method

This breakthrough method permits the hyaluronic acid in EVASHI cream to penetrate the skin, and to surround both skin and stem cells with a hydrating and protective coat. In the Figure, HA has been labeled with a fluorescent dye for easy visualization. HA alone clearly does not enter the skin but stays on the surface. 


One application of HA-PE simulates the hyaluronic acid coats surrounding youthful skin cells and experimental results show that this single application of EVASHI cream rapidly restores the thicker, hyaluronic acid coats found around skin cells of youthful skin. After one application, increased skin renewal is also observed. Remarkably, these results are evident for 10 days. Continued application increases the hydration and thickness of skin cells, reduces fine wrinkles and stimulates skin cell renewal associated with youthful skin.